BuzzAngle Music will provide a comprehensive view of total music consumption


Advanced Architecture

Our architecture allows the complete access of every single music consumption transaction in its finest detail.


Timely Data Reporting

Daily consumption data provides the best analysis possible.


Extensive Filtering

A filtering system that allows trillions of combinations give you the deepest analysis and reports possible.


News and Articles Exclusive: BuzzAngle Music Preparing To Pose Serious Challenge To SoundScan’s “Fuzzy Math”


April 29th 2014. at 7PM

A lot of folks in the music industry are somewhat underwhelmed by SoundScan’s approach to reporting sales especially indie shops and small labels who feel their contributions are underreported. You may have heard of BuzzAngle Music already due to recent reports of their Record Store Day sales data. I had the opportunity to talk with Border City Media Founder and…

Spin: Nirvana Top Record Store Day 2014 Best-Sellers


April 24th 2014. at 12PM

Earlier today we reported that a handful of independent music shops experienced their best sales day ever on Saturday, April 19 — the 2014 installment of Record Store Day. Now we know which of the holiday’s exclusive releases outsold the others, thanks to Nielsen SoundScan and Border City Media’s BuzzAngle Music. The top three albums were: Tame Impala’s Live Versions, Grateful…

Billboard: Record Store Day Retailers Report Big Spikes, Best-Ever Sales


April 24th 2014. at 8AM

….Meanwhile, even in stores where the day wasn’t the best ever, store owners and merchants said they were blown away by the day’s sales strength. “One of our biggest days in 40 years, top 10 for sure…I’m still shaking my head in disbelief,” Boo Boo Records Mike Smith wrote in an e-mail forwarded to Billboard. “RSD accounted for 45% of…